Sunday, December 30, 2007


Hey howdy hey! I decided to hop onto the Blog-wagon, since it is probably the most efficient way to get news out to everybody rather than do newsletter emails and stuff. Not that those are bad, because I'll still probly do something like that. And come to think of it, we might want something like this for Rachel and myself while we're on our missions. Sweet!

Well for starters, I'll catch everbody up on some things really quickly. I am a second semester senior, and I'll find out if I got accepted into BYU or not around January 10th, 2008, which will actually be during my Habitat for Humanity trip! I'm very excited! So far these 'winter' holidays have been awesome! Rob & Christa, Rachel, and Kit, Kevin, Ryn, and Elle all came down to Sao Paulo, Brasil for Christmas, and we played most of the tournaments and went to a great beach! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! Rob & Christa were the first to leave, sadly, and Kit and Kevin and their adorable little girls will be leaving tomorrow night (New Year's Eve). :( But we'll still have Rachel for another week!

That's pretty much it. I think I'm gonna like this blog thing. xau!


Mark & Aup said...

I'm so glad we can read your blog now! Congrats about BYU, that is awesome!

Mama KK said...