Saturday, January 26, 2008

First 'Split' with the Missionaries!

Alrighty, this will be pretty short. Last night, Friday January 25, 2008, this other priest named Hunter Wilson and I went on splits with the missionaries in our ward. I'm not sure if "splits" is a very accurate term, since I think you need to have other Melchizedek holders to actually split with the missionaries. Anyways, it was an awesome experience, studying with the two missionaries in our ward for a bit about faith and obedience, then walking around with them, seeing into what missionary life is really like.

We visited an investigating family that's been coming to Church almost regularly, and their daughter (around 8 years old I think) is scheduled to be baptized soon. The only thing holding her back is a little fear about being drowned, which I hope won't be too big of a problem. One of the missionaries gave a lesson about keeping the Sabbath day holy, and I had the opportunity to bear my testimony on Sabbath day observance when he finished at the end. Then we went to this couple (I don't think they're married yet, but they have a daughter who is active) and read part of Alma chapter 18 with them, helping to explain things that they had questions on. The whole thing was an awesome experience, just a little taste of what my mission will (problably) hold!


Linkousfrance said...

"my baby [brother]'s all grown up and saving Brazil!" :) Sounds like a great experience. I'd do as many of those as you can til you head out.

Mama KK said...

We are so proud of you! No better missionary preparation, other than sharing the Restored Gospel with others!

Mark & Aup said...

Spence you are awesome!

You've been tagged for a "Getting to Know Your Friends 2008 ABC's." Go to my blog and copy the post, then fill in your own. Have fun!

Papa Stan said...

Spence has now done other "splits" with the elders. We are very proud of him for serving in this way come rain or shine. You'll make a great missionary.