Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello Dearest Family!!

Once again it is absolutely great to hear from ya´ll!! Thanks for the news, the updates, and well wishes. Thanks Uncle Kelly for the update on Aunt Becky, ya´ll are in my prayers!! By the way, it turns out there is an Irmã (Sister) Andrus who is from ya´ll´s home ward!! Small world, isn´t it??

Well life is great. We marked Osvaldo and his son Daniel to be baptized on February 28, and I am super happy and excited for them! My hope is that I do not get transferred on the 19th, but God is in control and this is His work, and all will be well. Monday Osvaldo and Daniel came to another family night we had at Irmã Joaquina´s house. Elder Corry and I were in charge of the game, and we did this game called Nine Books and another called Zip-Bong. (Nine Books is where you have nine books set up in a 3 by 3 ´box´ on a table, and you have someone go out of the room while everyone else chooses a book. The person walks back in and ´guesses` which book was chosen while another person points to the books with a stick/ruler. There´s a secret on how to do it though… Zip-Bong is a funny game where everyone is in a circle and you have to talk with your lips over your teeth, kind of like a toothless person. You say zip to the person next to you and they continue until someone says bong and you have to talk in the opposite direction. If you mess up, or if you show your teeth, you´re out!) I also brought some of those awesome cookies of Sister Andrew´s recipe (are they still in São Paulo?) and they were well enjoyed and a bunch of people asked for the recipe. I´ll have to translate it and get back to them later.

Well I am really looking forward to hearing Elder Bednar Sunday and Monday. We´re going to try and get some investigators and less-actives to go with us in order for us to go to the firesides on Sunday and Monday evening. Yee haw!

Well life is great and I love all of ya´ll. You´re in my prayers and I hope ya´ll have a great week! Fica firme!

--Elder Ellis V
PS – Happy Valentine´s / Single Awareness Day!
PSS – I´m looking forward to see some pictures of little chunky Eden. Hint hint…. Tchau!

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