Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Beloved Family!!

Well it’s nice to know we’re not getting scammed. Thank heavens for the gift of discernment!! Natalie and Kit – thanks for the pictures! Little Eden is beautiful, and it is always great to see pictures of Matt, Natalie, Brazil, and the family (including Adelia)!

Well life is great here in Caldas! Today most likely I will have to go in and renew my visa. Luckily it’ll last for the rest of the mission! But a little review… this past week Elder Flint and I were able to get 20 lessons in again. Yay!! Thank heavens for prepared people and member missionaries! Christophe is a stud – he is the branch mission leader and helps us out a ton! We had zone conference Monday which went great also. Haha, unfortunately though I had forgotten my notebook at home that had my talk notes and I also use it to take other notes, and lo and behold I was selected to give a talk on having the faith to find! Well, I was still able to remember the two main scriptural examples I wanted to use – Ammon (Alma 17:13-14) and Alma the younger (Alma 31:30-38). Great is the Lord’s work that we have undertaken, and may we be strengthened and comforted in Christ to bring our brethren again unto God in and through Christ! There was also a good friend of the Terry’s who was visiting with some of his family, and he spoke to us a bit and gave us 3 commitments for our own lives: 1) become a disciple of Jesus Christ and live His gospel, 2) invite the Spirit into our companionships so we can do the Lord’s work the Lord’s way, and 3) live temple worthy and temple active lives and always have a recommend! I also learned a lot from what President Terry shared with us, on how we need to be valiant and faithful in every detail to be worthy and ready for the Lord’s help and preservation, like the 2000 stripling warriors.

I love ya’ll! I can’t say it enough! Thanks for all of your support, emails, letters, pictures, etc. Fica firme! Love,

--Elder Ellis V

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