Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello wonderful Family!!

Thank you everyone for your updates, emails, pictures, prayers, and love. What happened to my nephew Warren?? I just saw some pictures where some huge stud must have taken his place in Cedar Park. Call the police and arrest that giant! Mom and Dad - I got the package with the wallet on Friday (you did NOT send the SD memory card, right?) and the letter ya´ll wrote on August 22nd yesterday (September 1). Matt and Nat, I´m SO HAPPY to hear everything went perfectly, and Nat and lil Mia are well. Unfortunately I could not see those photos you sent on the email, but I´m sure Mia looks beautiful just like her mom! Thanks Uncle Kelly for the news and everyone else´s comments about Becky. I am happy that she is released from her pain, and even more so for the great life she lived and the great work she accomplished. If possible, I would love a copy of that slideshow also.

Well, buckin up and movin on, we had another great week in Carregado! The greatest so far in fact. We are doing our best to follow the Spirit and give our best efforts and leave the rest to the Lord, and He has blessed us with new people to teach, lots of opportunities to teach them, and even in members´ homes! QUE COISA BOA! For example, Monday night we had a Family Night in the home of an inactive woman who wants to come back to church, and her boyfriend wants to investigate the church, (her daughter, who was not present that time, was close to getting baptized a couple of months ago) and an active woman and her teacher-aged son participated also. It went great! And last night we had another family night in another member home where a not-yet-member nephew and his girlfriend and Georgian friend (with the cool name Lasha) all wanted their own Book of Mormon before we left! LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!

Well, time is up and I gotta go, but I love all ya´ll and am praying for you. Please keep the emails and updates coming. Tchau
--Elder Ellis V

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