Monday, December 7, 2009

Hey everybody!

Thanks once again for all the great stuff! That was a great picture of Grandma Hazel and Grandpa Big Dad. Thanks for the news and updates!

Speaking of which, (or typing thereof) here´s my bit of news! Last week I forgot to share that John Caravela (sp?) paid a visit at church last week! Not yesterday but the week before... It was a pleasant surprise to see him! Anyways, this week. Unfortunately Rosália was not yet baptized. When she said she was going out of town I had assumed she would be back sooner, and we only got in contact again a few days ago. She should be back this week, and hopefully everything will go well so she can be baptized this weekend, or at least soon.

Oh, the belated Thanksgiving feast with the Hinckley family was amazing. We still haven´t finished the leftovers. Irmão Hinckley is a great ward mission leader, really diligent on helping us with lessons when he can and trying to focus with the bishopric and other ward members on strengthening the recent converts, getting them hometeachers and callings, and working on finding more people. It´s great!

Well today I got a haircut. It´s back to the very short look. I told the barber what I wanted, 3 on the sides and 4 on the top, and he said it would be short, so I went ahead and got it over with since I don´t have the patience to tell him how a ´missionary cut´ should be. I do miss Mom, Sis Parker, and Sorene´s good haircuts. But oh well. In other news, we´re planning on going to the zoo today and when I called President Torgan for permission he acquiesced to our request but also let us know that Elder Rich is being transferred to the Algarve, so he´ll need to be back in time to start packing his bags. Nothing is as constant as change, right?

Well, that´s the bit of news, I hope everyone is having a great time and enjoying the holidays with the focus on the real meaning of Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! Have a great week! Much love,

--Elder Ellis V

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