Friday, October 31, 2008

Hello from the MTC!

Hello again beloved family!

Life is great in the MTC! It's hard to believe I only have a little over 3 more weeks to go and then I'm finally off to Portugal! Can't wait. This last Tuesday night devotional speaker was Elder L. Tom Perry and his wife. This week and last week Elder Tracy and I have participated in singing in the devotional choir, and it's been a good experience.

In other news, I got my haircut today, and it's definitely short enough. I don't know if that "long enough to have a part" rule is still in force, because the lady cut my hair short enough to not really have a part, and not many missionaries have parts in their hairtyles anyways. Oh well. Now my pale forhead and scars can stand out! Yay!

This next week we will say "Deus Vos Guarde" to two districts as they head out to their respective mission fields in Portugal, Mozambique, and Boston Portuguese-speaking. Great Elders. Our awesome zone leaders are included, and will be leaving, so we'll be getting some new zone leaders soon. We're also gonna get a new incoming district of 8 missionaries - two sisters and 6 elders. Good stuff.

Happy Halloween everybody! It's not every day your P-day is on Halloween... or vice versa. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY WARREN!! I sent you a letter, I hope you got it.

Oooh, something very cool I thought I would share. Last week we were told twice in the same day by different people to study Alma chapter 17. So I did. And it was very edifying in having an in-depth study about all the missionary applicable stuff in that chapter. Ammon is one of my role models!

Well, it's great to hear from ya'll and I love you very much! Happy Halloween!

--Elder Ellis V

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