Friday, November 7, 2008

MTC Countdown: 18 days ate Portugal!!

Hello hello!

Another great week in the MTC!! It's great to hear from ya'll! I'm so grateful for such a loving and supportive family!!

This week has been great! More studying in Portuguese, and Preach My Gospel. Elder Shenefelt (meu companheiro) and I have had a great time and have learned a lot together on how to teach effectively and in unity and with the Spirit. Our devotional speaker this week was Sister Julie B. Beck, and she gave a great talk. The point I liked most from her message was how we as missionaries really need to work with the members - and it's true! I remember the great times I had going out with the missionaries in Sao Paulo before I left to sell books, and Monday night Elder Shenefelt had a member with us while we were teaching our role-playing 'investigator', and the 'member' really did help with teaching and getting our investigator to go to church.

Anyways. As the subject says, I've only got about 18 more days to go until I fly out to Europe's Lighthouse on November 25th!! I'm very excited!! Well I love ya'll, and I hope ya'll are having the best times ever!

-- Elder Ellis V

PS - Sister Ellis III, CM signifies "Consecrated Missionary" from Elder Callister's devotional talk some weeks ago. Consecrated Missionaries have given up their disobedience, pride, romantic passions, fear, and negativity to consecrate themselves to God's work and be better-than-the-best missionaries. Tchau!

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