Friday, November 14, 2008

The Last Stretch

Hey hey hey familia querida!

Life is great in the MTC! I've got 11 days to go until I finally head off to Portugal!! I got my flight plans today, so I'm vrey excited. Life really is great - practicing teaching in Portuguese, trying to improve in whatever way I can, tuesday night devotionals, picking the hymns - everything!

Normally I get to go to the Temple on Friday (pday) mornings, but today I had a different treat. Since I sent my mission papers from Brazil, the administration peoples think I'm Brazilian - on paper, at least. So there's a thing where the international missionaries get to go on a tour of Temple Square and the surrounding buildings and stuff. And following Grandpa Big Dad's great advice, I didn't pass up this watering hole! I was the Lone Ranger amidst a lot of Canadians, a few hispanics, 2 Brazilians, a Portuguese, and some others, including a sister from Wales. It was fun. We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building, stopped by the Lion House, went to the Beehive House, Tabernacle (Rachel -- I met a Sister McKay who is a friend of yours there, she says hi), the rest of Temple Square, the Church Office building, the Conference Center, and that museum nearby the Conference Center, I can't remember it's name. Anyways, good stuff!

Well it's great to hear from all of you! Love ya'll tons!

--Elder Ellis V

PS -- I think this might be my last normal P-day, which means next week I might not have internet access to check and respond to ya'll's emails. Just to let you know. tchau!

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