Friday, November 21, 2008

Goodbye MTC, Hellooo Portugal!

Hey there everybody!

Ok, so last week's warning was a false alarm. Lo and behold, my last P-day is normal, so I get to email ya'll one last time in the MTC! Aah!! I'm soo excited! I start my journey to Portugal early Tuesday morning, and Wednesday morning I'll be in Lisboa, Portugal!

This has been a great last week. Our Tuesday night devotional speaker was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, and that was a great talk! He spoke about how we should never be discouraged for being asked to suffer but a very small amount of what Jesus Christ actually suffered for all of us. And he also talked about how we need to do the best we can, because many people look up to us as representatives of the Lord - the people we teach and baptize, our families, and the future missionaries that we are the examples to. That made me really appreciate all the great examples I have - all of my older siblings currently serving or having served honorable full time missions, Dad for all the work he has done and continues to do, and then Emily and Warren as the next missionaries - Emily if she so chooses and Warren as the next carrier of the Priesthood. Lots of great stuff.

What else... Life is just great! I'm ready to get to Portugal! I'm really grateful to have had Elder Shenefelt as such a great companion - we technically shouldn't have even been companions to begin with - and other great missionaries in my district and zone, and great returned missionary teachers!

Well, I love ya'll and am grateful for your news, love, and prayers. The next email ya'll get will be from Portugal!!! Love,

Elder Ellis V

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