Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Helloo from Portugal!!

Helloo everyone!

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I want to let each and every one of you know that I am thankful for yaºll beyond expression! And also for this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord in Portugal!

I first area - post as I like to think of it - is Seixal. (sayshawl). My trainer or first companion is Elder (Matthew) Prince from South Jordan Utah. He is a great missionary also, and has been helpful and encouraging as I work up the nerve to talk to people calmly enough to talk about the gospel message. He´s also very happy that I already have a headstart on Portuguese. We have been a little slowed down from necessary errand running, but things are still going great. We´ve taught a lot of lessons and handed out plenty of Book of Mormons and pass along cards, and yesterday we even were invited inside when we were knocking doors. The young manºs name is Wallace and heºs from Minas Gerais. Elder Prince has said that we seem to have been running into a lot of Brasilians since I arrived, and about all of them have been from Minas Gerais. Interesting.

Mick! Congradz on your call! Spanish isnºt Portuguese but there are many of Godºs children there youºll be able to help! Best of luck and keep me posted on stuff! By the way, one of the people we contacted Sunday or Monday night looked amazingly like you, albeit a foot shorter, also from Minas Gerais.

Thanks again everyone for all of your news and love and support! I love you all!!

Sistser Ellis III -- do you happen to know an Elder Perry or Elder Winegar? if you have met them, please let them know that their friend Elder Prince serving in Portugal says hi.

John -- loved your email bro. triple sixes with canons are always nice indeed. And thanks for helping out with the address. here it is
Rua de Mansabá No. 8 C/v Dto
2845 Amora

If you think something might take longer to be sent, the mission office adress in Lisbon is pretty safe, itºs on my Facebook, and I would get whatever you sent there about every zone conference or so. i think...

As far as a Christmas list, Mom, I would really like the recipes of the stuff we practiced making before I left Sao Paulo. And Rob, if you could send me your favorite recipes and stuff thatºd be great too. Also Rob, do you have names or contact info for people I could stop by if I am ever in the same areas you were in? thanks

Love yaºll!!

Elder Ellis V

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