Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I like life, life likes me...

Hello Beloved Family!

Haha, it was pretty funny last week having much fewer emails, but I´m sure General Conference is a valid cause for the delay of emails. And better late than never, right? Thanks everyone for the news and updates!

Mark - I can´t promise you that sling shot, but we´ll see. What was all that delegation stuff?

Rob - infelizmente, a área de Peniche foi fechado e agora está incluido na minha área Caldas da Rainha. But press forward!

Joy - thanks for the update. D-day was indeed a day of great sacrifice... I´m glad I don´t have to worry about the death of the body! That´s good news about Darrell being called as a bishop and you being the seminary supervisor. Best of luck, I know ya´ll will serve well!

Kit - adorable story about Ryn and Elle. Quite the insight into the Atonement, ´out of the mouth of babes´ about saving the repentent.

Em - nice drawing. ´FOFINHA!!` ;)

Rachel - wonderful update as usual! Keep it up Righteous Rae!

Alrighty. Well, General Conference was great. Our branch chapel was designated as the spot to watch Conference for the district, and the Parkers brought their laptop and we watched off of it in English in the classroom where we have gospel principles and English class. Unfortunately though, I didn´t get to see the Priesthood session. But it was great! I loved the strong emphasis throughout the Conference on Temples, eternal marriage, the blessings of being guided by living and modern prophets and apostles, and living the gospel despite adversity. Our superstar investigators - Sebastião, and his nephew Fábio, and Andrea (Fábio´s girlfriend) were there for most if not all of the sessions. Incredible!! Like Mom, one of my favorite talks was Elder Holland´s on Christ fulfilling the Atonement for us, so we don´t have to be alone, but instead can have everlasting joy with our Father in Heaven and our eternal families!! Great stuff.

In between sessions on Sunday Elder Flint, Christophe (our amazing branch mission leader) and I went to the home of former branch president João Carlos Nunes and is wife Elizabete. We invited them to come to even just 15 minutes of Conference but they declined, and Elizabete said it isn´t worth it for us to keep trying to help them come back. But it IS!! I felt to some degree a part of the sadness that Heavenly Father must feel when His children turn away from Him. Elizabete pretty much is the cause for their having gone inactive and basically is holding back Pres. Nunes from coming back, since he really wants to. But we won´t give up! And I am so grateful to learn from these experiences - I know for certain my future wife will be a stalwart saint who knows her divine potential and will never turn away from her Father in Heaven!

Well I love all of you. Keep up the good work all of you! Tchau!
--Elder Ellis V
ps - the above letters stand for Consecrated Missionary, Servo Bom e Fiel (Good and Faithful servant), Faith Diligence Patience (wonderful Mom came up with that one!) and Strength and Honor!! (Go Rob!)

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