Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life is Wonderful!!

Hey howdie hey beloved family!

Life is great! Some fun things have happened this week. Saturday there was a baptismal service in Tomar, an area of some other Elders in our zone, and we were able to take Fábio, one of our (very progressing) investigators to go see it! Talk about a highway adventure! The Parkers lent us their GPS (called TomTom!) which was working out very well, because Christophe, our amazing branch mission leader who was driving us, didn´t know how to get to Tomar. Quite an adventure, and despite a slight detour, as well as taking a while to find the chapel after we reached the city, we made it! Hey Dad, quick question. Is having someone say `We call _____ to enter the waters of baptism` one of those things that people can do if they want, or is it just not supposed to happen at all? The presiding church member at the baptism was a Brasilian and he did it, and I think Brasilians really get a kick out of doing it, because the ward mission leader in Seixal liked to do it too. (He is also Brasilian.) Anyways, the baptism went well, and we made the trek there and back all in one piece, and in time to have a lesson in Fábio and Andrea´s home about eternal families and temple marriages with our branch president Vicente and his wife Edna. They accepted the invitation to get legally married, so they can be baptized and have an eternal family! I LOVE THE GOSPEL!

Sunday was a missionary-work-focused sacrament meeting: Elder Flint, Christophe, and I all spoke about missionary related topics. How members can be key finders and share the gospel with their friends family and neighbors (I based it off of Elder Perry´s wonderful talk in General Conference), trying to bring back inactives, and continually preparing ourselves/themselves by studying the gospel, praying for missionary opportunities and following the spirit! Later on Sunday Elder Flint and I were able to meet with Rui, a great man who is a member but has had a fallback into drugs and other problems. The Atonement helps all people as they have the desire and motivation to exert their own best efforts to change their lives for the best!

Monday morning we picked up Elders Daley and Hibler at the bus station and went to the Parker´s for our district meeting, and met Sister Parker´s sister and brother-in-law, Br. and Sis. Mekem from Layton, Utah (or atleast somewhere nearby), who are visiting and are very nice people! Afterwards we started our division with said Elders and had a great day! Elder Daley and I were able to find some young men - Yannick and his cousin Mauro - who we hadn´t been able to meet with in a long time. We weren´t sure which floor they lived on of their building, and suddenly Yannick just came down and opened the door for us, even though we hadn´t rung his doorbell! The Lord is watching over His work and getting it done all the time!

Well, those are some of the interesting things of late. Sadly, Sebastião will be gone for work down in the Algarve (part of southern end of Portugal) for two weeks, and what´s super sad is that he´ll be missing Sandra and Neusa´s baptisms on May 2nd! The devil is sneaky... but we´re still gonna win! I love all of you and am praying for all ya´ll! Hey Rachel/Sister Ellis III - you can tell your new companion in training that I say she´s the luckiest sister missionary in the world to be trained by you! Obviously, Elders can´t be trained by you, so they are denied such opportune blessings. Have a great week everybody!

--Elder Ellis V

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