Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Family!

Hello wonderful family!!

Natalie, I loved that recent blog. Subject - my jeans fit! Whole of message - that is all. Brilliant! Reminds me of that one quote from Cats and Dogs, but I´ll quote that after the mission.

So good to hear from everybody! I´m so grateful for such great examples! Haha, just before Elder Sagebin and I came to do internet, we stopped by a drycleaning place that we normally go to whenever we need stuff done, and the owners are a Brazilian couple. Elder Sagebin wanted a pair of suit slacks to be tailored, and while I was waiting the man asked if I was married and had kids. I said ´not yet, but in a couple of years, probably´ which scared the heck out of me, but also made me think of the great examples of siblings and siblings in law that I have of being awesome parents, not to mention the incredible duo Mama KK and Papa Stan!

Anyways. Life is great in Carregado! Unfortunately due to beaurecratic paperwork André´s baptism is postponed until he and Manuela finish up all that stuff to be married first. But Fábio is taking everything in stride and we have the plans and most everything ready for his baptism this Saturday! It is quite exciting.

This weekend we did a group fast with Ivan and Sorene to ask for God´s help in speeding up the paperwork stuff so they can get married. It was Ivan´s first fast and he didn´t make the whole 24 hours but I´ll still give him an A for effort. We even proposed them/him taking a smaller amount of time to try first but he said he´d try. We´ve also been really blessed with steadily finding more people. We met and had a first lesson with a couple who seem very prepared. Our follow up appointment with them yesterday evening fell though partly because they had been taking so much time and effort to get her legalized (she´s Brazilian) and the both of them married, all on their own! And leaving their house a lady in her ´back yard´ (the closest thing to one) just started talking to us, and we´re gonna teach her and her husband tonight. Life is great!!

Thanks again everyone for the news and updates. Keep ´em coming! Have a great week! Much love,
--Elder Ellis V

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