Monday, October 5, 2009

I love life!

Hello wonderful family!

First off I would like to put Elder David A. Bednar´s counsel to practice and let all of you know I LOVE YOU! Mom, Dad, Joy, Darrell, Warren, Jared, Cameron, Nolan, Kit, Kevin, Ryn, Elle, Eden, Matt, Natalie, Sam, Ethan, Mia, Mark, Aup, Tea, John, Laura, Brian, Caity, Anne-Lorenne, Nora Jane, Cosette, Rob, Christa, Rachel, Emily, Grandma Turtle, Uncle Bob, Clay, Uncle Kelly.... EVERYBODY! Thank you for being such wonderful examples and influences in my life! I know by the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus Christ is our Savior, that His Church was restored through Joseph Smith the Prophet, and that we can have all the blessings of God´s love if we comply with His eternal laws!

This has been a great week. Last Tuesday we had zone conference in Lisbon, and we were invited to increase our faith so we can better do the Lord´s work His way. And we prayed many times to set meaningful goals, which brought `pray always´ to my mind several times throughout the day. We set a goal for 5 baptisms for the month of October. We had a lot of searching to do throughout the week, but we´ve also been very blessed. Conference alone, even missing a session or two and only watching in Portuguese, was still a tremendous privilege since we could watch it in our own chapel. And the Spirit can testify to us no matter what language we´re speaking/listening to! And along with that we were blessed in marking a date for Fábio to be baptized! Which is a big step since he´s been an investigator for a long time (at least several months) and has always shied away from baptismal invites. Now he feels sure about it, and he will be baptized on October 17, along with André! I´m super happy for them! And that´s two of our goal of 5!

So yeah, life is great! Thanks everyone for the updates. Always a pleasure to hear from you! Have a great week!

--Elder Ellis V

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