Monday, March 8, 2010

Office life...

Hello Beloved Family!!
Congradulations to Rachel for finishing her great mission of full time service! Love you, Rae!
Well, life in the office is interesting. I´m learning as I go, and I´m getting the general ideas of most things. But all in all I´ll follow Mom and Dad´s simple advice: get it all done as it is supposed to, and keep working as a missionary! Speaking of the real work, the ward of Amadora/Queluz is great! Big, strong, interactive, lots of support for us via dinners and accompanied lessons, and we´ve got some investigators really coming along. One is named Benvindo (welcome!) who is marked for next weekend. He could´ve been baptized a good while ago but has fear/anxiety about getting baptized and then messing up, stuff like that. We shared David vs Goliath last night, and we´re gonna keep focusing with him on moving forward with faith, and ´power, and love, and a sound mind´. Thanks everyone for the great emails. Once again, all snail mail and packages can be sent to the mission office, since that´s where I am! [Rua Jorge Barradas --------PORTUGAL] Well I love all ya´ll, and hope you all have a great week! Tchau!
--Elder Spencer Ellis

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