Monday, June 14, 2010

On the road again!

Hello greatest family in all the world!!
How is everybody?? Emails have gotten a bit slack - please read Alma 60:6. Thank you oh ye faithful ones who have continued writing regular (ou seja, weekly), please continue with your weekly correspondences. As for the rest of you, I know ya´ll are busy, but I´m certain you can budget your time to take 10 minutes to write a simple, personal email to your favorite missionary in Portugal. The blogs are great, but personal emails are even greater. And I will respond to every personal email I receive, as best I can with the time that I have.
Just kidding! Haha, well, sort of. I don´t really mean to sound stingy at all, but it would be nice to get more personal emails from all of my lovely family! That would even suffice as my birthday present, since I don´t want extra weight in my luggage from sizeable gifts or extra pounds from goodies since I´m getting chubby enough being fed every day by members and not walking it off because driving around in the car. (Oh the car, I´ll get to that soon.) So the birthday list will suffice as such: personal emails/letters for the rest of my mission as much as possible; drink mixes (easy like tang - just add to water); other cool things that will not add to my baggage or personal weight as ya´ll desire. And for all of you with the matchmaking itch, you can pass around this little application too. Lots of laughs ahead... oh, and all mail can be sent to the following address:
Missão Portugal Lisboa
Apartado 40054
1500 Lisboa
Well, hopefully that answers all questions asked or that would be asked in the near future. This week has been great! Driving has been a blast - accident free, stress relieving, and fun! I won´t sign up for drag races just yet, but I´ve driven regularly throughout this past week and am starting to feel confident with stickshift. Yeehaw! Aside from driving and the boring office stuff, things are going great! Fábio is all set to be baptized this Saturday, and if the elder who first started teaching him about a year ago can´t come up from the Alentejo to baptize him, then I will have the honor of baptizing him. Hard to beat that good news! Other people are coming along, and it is a great joy to help people obtain and strengthen testimonies of the restored gospel and act on those testimonies to receive true conversion. Life is great! Such persons are a young woman named Veníce who is humble and eager to learn, and she has the great support of the huge Gourel family, some of which are stalwart members, others can use a boost. We´re also working with the family of an Elder Barbosa who is serving in this mission, and his mom and a sister aren´t baptized yet, and the others need to be reactivated, and we´re happy to help!
Well, that´s all the news for now, I guess. Have a great week everybody! I´m looking forward to hearing from all of you! Much love,
--Elder Spencer Ellis

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