Monday, June 7, 2010

Great things are happening to me...

Hello beloved family!
Well, thanks everyone for your emails, updates, and news. I´m happy to hear everyone´s doing great! And things are going great in Amadora as well! To get everyone on their toes - especially Mom - and maybe on their knees for praying more, I´ve started driving! Bring on the Portuguese road rage, muahaha! Just kidding. I got my Portuguese license on Saturday, and have driven three our four times and all is well. Thanks for all your prayers so far, and I´ll go ahead and thank you in advance for the rapid increase in prayers that no accidents occur. The only thing that is a real bummer about it all is that I had to exchange my Texas driver´s license for it, and I´ll never see that piece of plastic again. On the bright side (if driving and getting stick under my belt wasn´t enough) this Portuguese driver´s license will be good for 30 years or more, so we can start planning family reunions to Europe where I can be the legally licensed driver for all of the European Union! So I´ll just have to make a trip to Texas sometime and get another driver´s license there.
And even better than driving, is planning for baptisms! When we met with Fábio on Saturday he told us he had prayed (he´s such a stud, praying always) and had decided to be baptized on Saturday June 19!! Our ward mission leader was helping with that lesson and we started planning out the next two weeks of when to get certain things done, like trying on the baptismal clothes, filling out the baptismal form, having the baptismal interview, etc. Thank you all for your prayers in Fábio´s behalf, and I thank God for the tender mercies He is pouring out on us. Aside from working with Fábio, there´s this huge (said just like Natalie and Rachel love to say it) African family (Família Gourgel) that range from steady faithful to dwindling less active, and in working with them they introduced us to a friend of theirs, a young woman of 24 named Veníce who has wanted to be taught. We visited with her Friday and Sunday (she also came to church with some of the Gourgel family), and everything´s going great with teaching her from the beginning and helping out the less active members of the Gourgel family. So far she´s really receptive and we have hopes she´ll be ready for baptism soon.
I love and pray for all of you and hope you have a great week! Much love,
--Elder Spencer Ellis

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