Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Lagos 2

Hello wonderful family!
Well things are pretty hot in the Algarve, and that is meant in both ways - it is quite hot and one sweats quite a bit wearing dark slacks, white collared shirt and tie, but also we had a great week starting from scratch! From dividing the area with the other elders, we had plenty of people on ex-investigator and potential investigator lists, as well as all the other people from our own contacts and door knocking. And while it is pretty tough with all that work, there is still the adage - "when the going get´s tough, the tough get going!" So it´s great to be working hard with optimistic Elder Brown focusing on finding the elect. It´s rather easy, because the people who don´t want to talk to us won´t talk to us, leaving it easy to tell between the people who are nice and people who are really interested. So... life is great!
Happy birthday Rob!! 28 and feeling great, right? Have the best birthday yet!
And congratulations to Kit and Kev on lovely baby #4 in the oven!
I love hearing from all of you, and hope you all have a great week! Love you tons!
Much love
--Elder Spencer Ellis

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