Monday, August 23, 2010

Lagos 2 - Take one

Hello Happy Family!!

Lagos 2 is the official name of the new area that Elder Riley Evan Brown and I are opening up. But from the way we divided up the area with the other Elders (Elder Nair, also from my MTC group, and Elder Noda), we could also go by Lagos East-side (and them Lagos 1 / Lagos West-side)! Maybe we´ll stick with the official stuff. But whatever you call this new area, it is soo great to be back in the field and out of the mission office! YeeeHAW!! My body isn´t quite accustomed to the sudden jolt from being inside with air-conditioned office paper and computer work to being outside in the hot and sunny oven-like asphalt. The worst though was the shock from all the walking instead of driving around in a car - my calves were screaming rebellion until today. Anyways, the point is it´s great to be out working like full-time in-the-field missionaries do! 

Lagos is quite nice. From what I´ve seen in the past few days there isn´t a beach right exactly where we are (just as well) but there are tons of tourists around in beach clothing. The beach and boats are not very far away. We´ve started to get to know our area pretty well, and we´ve gotten a bunch of the potential investigators from the Lagos 1 Elders. We´ve also gotten one investigator who they said is progressing pretty well. He´s a Brazilian man from Espirito Santo, and he came to Sacrament meeting and seemed to enjoy it. Apparently it was his second (or maybe third) time. We´re excited to work with him and keep finding more men and families! Elder Brown is a great guy. Easy-going but really optimistic, ready to work and excited to be here. I´m such a lucky guy with a great companion to train, great elders to share the house (and area) with, and yet another pair of elders to also have in the district! Great stuff! 

Happy Belated Birthday Darrell! Hope you had a good one! 
Much love to/for everyone else, too! Have a great week everybody!
--Elder Spencer Ellis

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