Monday, April 19, 2010

Awesome blossom!

Hello beloved family!
Well, good to hear Zach will be making it home safe and sound soon. But (still focusing), it´s also great to hear the news from everyone else! Infelizmente, still no package(s), but this week, for sure, they/it should come. However, the idea of not reporting the arrival of the packages to motivate ya´ll to send even more is quite a temptation. But don´t worry, I´m still honest. (Blast!)
This week has gone great! A week from yesterday was when we told the ward leadership about that Family Plan of watching those videos about eternal families and stuff, and one of the sisters, the young women´s leader (I think), called us up very soon after (that Sunday night I think) and scheduled a family home evening with us and a friend. His name is Fábio, he´s a really nice 18 year old young man, and has wanted to be taught the lessons for quite some time (around 3 years?) but his familiy hadn´t wanted him to. So now he´s 18 and wants to be taught whether they want to or not, (sorry for the rhyming,) and pretty much said he wanted to be baptized. Working with members bringing in the truly elect/ready - the way it´s supposed to be, and I love it! It was really funny because Benvindo had come, with his brother Mário and a friend named Zé. Every time we´ve been with them Mário always gets on Benvindo´s case, calling him a bum who won´t do anything with his life if he doesn´t man up and be baptized, even though he himself isn´t interested in joining the Church. (He´s said ´a church is just a building, it´s the people that count´, not all that into organized religion and stuff.) And Benvindo was blown away at the sheer willingness of Fábio. He was saying `Oh man, it´s really hard, I´ll let you know, but I have so much respect for you for having the courage to do what I can´t. I´m honored, please, shake my hand!´ We had another lesson with just Fábio and that member family (Manuela Cintrão is the mom & young women´s leader, her 13/14 year old daughter is named Joana) on Saturday. Fábio wasn´t able to make it to church because he had relatives visiting, but we marked our next appointment for Wednesday. Man, inspiration is great stuff! Keep it coming, Pres. Torgan! And the Men upstairs...
Well, nothing really beats that bit of news. This past week was transfers, kind of helping the departing missionaries on their way, and a lot of welcoming the greenies and training them on how to use the Lord´s funds wisely. I love recalling Bishop Flake´s summary, ´don´t do stupid things´. (That was him, right?) With transfers, I´m still here as a financial secretary with Elder Bennett, and the new executive secretary elder is an Elder Bryant from Conroe, TX. Great to have some more Texans, even though now the other elders tease me about being a Utahn now. Anyways, other than that is the same old helping missionaries out with their house-stuff and other needs, etc etc. Hope everyone has a great week! Love all of you!
--Elder Spencer Ellis

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