Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello dearest family! ... Wow! I was honestly shocked when I read Mom and Dad´s news about moving to SLC. Some questions - what does Curriculum Department and Boundaries Commitee mean, and/or deal with? What will your new housing situation be? I could have sworn I had a dozen questions running through my head when I read the news - such as why?? - but where the Lord sends, we go, right? Right. A gold star to Mark and Aup for the hilarious email/post. One clarification - I have never had nor will ever have any inner struggles of confusion about the World Cup. Brazil has 5 titles, and that´s all I will say since I should not open up such a can of contentious worms as a full time missionary... or any kind of disciple of Christ for that matter. Loves!
So, this week has gone well. (I´ve decided to be more descriptive this week.) Rachel´s letters to Elder McFarren and myself finally arrived last Tuesday (muahaha!) but I was somewhat disappointed as I was expecting other letters as well from Mom, Dad, Em, Joy, Darrell, and the boys. But life goes on. Elder Bennett was very ill on Thursday - throwing up and diarrhea all day - and later that night President Torgan directed us to go to the hospital to check with a doctor. We expected it to be a long stay - like an over nighter or two - but he started mending up and we were released and got back home at around 2 in the morning. Amazing what an IV pumping medicine into your system and rest will do in such a few hours. Proselyting wise, a tad slow, but we´ve finally been able to announce the new family plan thing that President Torgan wants us to be doing to the ward leadership today. This new family mission plan consists of having a calendar of 3 Family Nights a week with different member families wherein they invite nonmember families to come. We watch the short video Finding Happiness and a clip from the Together Forever dvd (the one of the parents talking about how their daughter died but can have hope and joy knowing that death won´t separate a family sealed in the temple that keeps their covenants), talk a bit more about the importance of families, and see where it goes from there. One sister in the ward has already set up a family night for Wednesday. I´m excited!
Other news... we found out we´re getting a senior missionary couple who will arrive in August, and they´re ´office specialists´, somehow meaning they´ll be working in the office. I have no idea how that´ll divi up who gets what office responsibilities, but we´ll see down the road. Well, that´s it for this week. Love all of you, and I hope ya´ll have a great week!
--Elder Spencer Ellis

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